Pre-Made Designs

   The below designs are delegated into two categories.

   First, we have the Available Designs. They are pre-made, + ready to be claimed. For those which are abstract in nature, you may apply whichever intention you like. Some Sigil style pieces may have an inherent meaning crafted with the design itself. All pieces are unique + will never be imprinted on another person, unless by custom request for matching pieces. To inquire, please contact us specifying which number piece you would like, found in the correlating caption!

  Secondly, there are Flash Designs. These are specifically made for events, flash days, + Ink With a Cause opportunities - it is one of our contributions to sliding scale. They are the only pieces we create which will inherently be done more than once, on multiple people. Sizes are typically about one to two inches long. To receive a Flash piece, contact us specifying Sheet 1 or Sheet 2 + the piece you would like, or keep an eye out for flash day events!