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Let's rethink how we ornament our bodies & overcome obstacles, together.


The fastest and easiest way to book is to connect by filling out the above contact form & setting a deposit - more policy info on the Services page.

Sacred Pokes

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12:00 pm – 06:00 pm

Our private studio is located in Southeastern Pennsylvania (occupied Lenape Land). Sacred Pokes serves both in-studio and offers guest spot bookings throughout PA, NJ, NYC, and beyond. 

All appointments are taken in advance, unless for specific events.



For Deposits, Gift Certificates, Orders & Consultations

Deposits are mandatory at the time of inquiry.


Please set an appointment by emailing us directly, including days of interest + some details for your session, above. Along with your inquiry, send your deposit so we may proceed - after placing one, a response will be given in 3 to 8 business days.

Deposit Policy:

Out of respect for the time and effort put forth, artist-practitioners cannot reserve schedule space or create custom work for a patient until a deposit is placed. Sessions require a deposit in advance of at least $80, that comes out of the final total, + is subject to professional discretion. Once a deposit is placed, it is non-refundable, and a patient is able to reschedule once more before a new deposit must be submitted.

Cancellation Policy:

These policies are in order to honor the energy put forth by our artists. Please keep them in mind during scheduling. Patients must communicate a cancellation 3 days in advance, minimum, to make adequate time to reschedule. In the event that a patient has already rescheduled once, and cancels again, full compensation for the scheduled time is required. If a patient cancels 24 hours or less before the appointment, the deposit is forfeited & a cancellation fee will apply. At this point, the patient will have to re-set a deposit to reschedule. Deposits can be held for a maximum of 33 days, in the event of rescheduling. By inquiring for a session, one consents to this understanding.

Discounts, deals, or a change in rate will be applicable only upon suggestion of the artist-practitioner. Partial trades may be accepted, as up to 15% of the service + must be agreed upon in advance. We do not offer full trades for sessions at this time. For those of lesser income, who are affected by colonialism, or otherwise marginalized folks needing this medicine, email us with the inquiry subject saying “OUTREACH SESSION.” Wait lists may apply, see the Ink With a Cause page for further detail. Flat rates on sessions for particular pieces may be offered for events or specials. 

Disclaimer: Sacred Pokes offers spiritually-based, alternative healing services - not medical nor luxury ones. Our representatives are trained for quality + safety, are ordained, + certified.

Thank you for your cooperation! We are excited to embark on this journey of your intention + invite you to fulfill its expression. Blessed be!


Eeden Theta Shale of Sacred Pokes