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What is handpoke tattooing, & how is it different?


Handpoke, or machine-free, tattooing is a method of applying ink to the skin that inflicts less physical trauma. The reason it’s not as harmful is because in this way, the body ornamentation process is less prone to rejection & settles more smoothly. Our lineage of humanity has been creating handpoke body art since the very origins of ornamentation, which came as a compliment to the experimentation brought on through learning to dress wounds. Essentially, the only difference in the technology is that the same motions which would make the piece with machine are instead performed manually, with a gloved hand.

Why substitute the word “Tattoo” with “Imprint?”

We refer to our style of body modification as Imprinting, for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, the origin meaning of the word tattoo is stigma. Sacred Pokes aims to release the stigma applied to ornamentation, instead approaching the concept of Imprints with more ease & expansive universality. Along with this, the term implies the Imprint that is not only physically left for artistic purposes, but the emotional & psychological mark remaining from any body modification experience. Such a mark can be intensely moving, therapeutic, & assuring. Here, we strive for our service to be one that helps patients evolve their habitual way of seeing their own body or existence into a view of self love & beauty in expression. This means holding space in a manner that addresses the multilevel impact of receiving an Imprint, in all aspects of human life - so our terminology follows suit.

How does Reiki or vibrational healing play a role in a session?

Healing is most truly effective when working from multiple angles. For those unfamiliar, Reiki is an amazing & gentle alternative medicine given by a light touch or with hands hovering above a patient’s affected area. It permeates energetically, infusing anywhere it is aimed with life force - this can aid healing of the body, mental state, or any spiritual blockage. As for vibrational healing or sound therapy, this is the usage of tuning forks to soothe & realign. These forks are used clinically, medicinally, & even to tune instruments. Both of these healing modalities are integrated into Sacred Pokes Imprint sessions, deepening the sensations of relaxation & resolution. 

Meet your Artist-Practitioner

Appointment Policies

Please schedule by emailing us directly, including days of interest for your session. Inquiries about sessions will be met with intake questions so we can better accommodate to your individuality and personalized experience.

All appointments require an upfront deposit for scheduling.

Deposit Policy:

Out of respect for the time and effort put forth, artist-practitioners will NOT reserve schedule space or create custom work for a patient until a deposit is placed. Appointments for all sessions require a deposit of at least $80. Exceptions to this may be determined by the practicioner. Appointment deposits can be submitted via Paypal ( or Venmo (@sacredpokes). If is not a feasible method for you to make a payment, e-mail us to arrange for deposit placement by mailed check, or another money exchange service. The deposit will come out of the total cost of the session, or first session if there are to be multiple progressive sessions building on a singular piece. Once a deposit is placed, it is non-refundable, and a patient is able to reschedule once more before a new deposit must be submitted.

Cancellation Policy:

Patients must communicate a cancellation 3 days in advance, minimum, to make adequate time to reschedule. In the event that a patient has already rescheduled once, and cancels again, full compensation for the scheduled time is required. If a patient cancels 24 hours or less before the appointment, the deposit is forfeited. They will have to re-set a deposit to reschedule.

Discounts, deals, or a change in rate will be applicable only upon suggestion of the artist-practitioner. Partial trades may be accepted, as up to 35% of the service and must be agreed upon in advance. For those of lesser income, or otherwise marginalized folks who seek this healing, email us with the subject line saying “OUTREACH SESSION.” Wait lists may apply, see the Ink With a Cause page for further detail. Flat rates on sessions for particular pieces may be offered for events or specials. 

Disclaimer: Sacred Pokes offers spiritual, alternative healing services - not medical nor luxury ones. Our artist-practitioners are trained for quality + safety, ordained, + certified.

Thank you for your cooperation! We are excited to embark on this journey of your intention + invite you to fulfill its expression. Blessed be!


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The fastest and easiest way to book is to call or email us & set a deposit - more info on the Services page.

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Our private studio at Ace of Swords Tattoo is located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (occupied Lenape Land). We are located in a courtyard, upon arriving please turn in at the maroon sign. We are to the left once you pull in.

Sacred Pokes serves both in-studio and offers guest spot bookings throughout PA, NJ, NYC, and beyond. 

Imprint appointments are taken in advance, walk-ins are only for piercing, unless otherwise stated.