What is handpoke tattooing, & how is it different?


Handpoke tattooing - also called manual, machine-free, imprinting or stick n’ poke - is a method of applying ink to the skin by hand.  that inflicts less physical trauma. The reason it’s not as harmful is because in this way, the body ornamentation process is less prone to rejection & settles more smoothly. Our lineage of humanity has been creating handpoke body art since the very origins of ornamentation, which came as a compliment to the experimentation brought on through learning to dress wounds. Essentially, the only difference in the technology is that the same motions which would make the piece with machine are instead performed manually, with a gloved hand.

Why substitute the word “Tattoo” with “Imprint?”

We refer to our style of body modification as Imprinting, for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, the origin meaning of the word tattoo is stigma. Sacred Pokes aims to release the stigma applied to ornamentation, instead approaching the concept of Imprints with more ease & expansive universality. Along with this, the term implies the Imprint that is not only physically left for artistic purposes, but the emotional & psychological mark remaining from any body modification experience. Such a mark can be intensely moving, therapeutic, & assuring. Here, we strive for our service to be one that helps patients evolve their habitual way of seeing their own body or existence into a view of self love & beauty in expression. This means holding space in a manner that addresses the multilevel impact of receiving an Imprint, in all aspects of human life - so our terminology follows suit.

What’s Reiki, or Vibrational Therapy, & how are they present in my Imprint process?

Healing is most truly effective when working from multiple angles. For those unfamiliar, Reiki is an amazing & gentle alternative medicine given by a light touch or with hands hovering above a patient’s affected area. It permeates energetically, infusing anywhere it is aimed with life force - this can aid healing of the body, mental state, or any spiritual blockage. Our modality utilizes vibrational therapy, the usage of tuning forks to soothe & realign. These forks are used clinically, medicinally, & even for music. Resonance Reiki is integrated into Sacred Pokes Imprint sessions, deepening the sensations of relaxation & resolution. 


Meet your Artist-Practitioner


The Hand


It is our belief that the intimate art of imprinting has an incredibly impressionable impact upon the body,heart, & mind. Manual - or by hand - body ornaments offer an organic & precise approach, inflicting half the trauma to the skin that a machine would apply. This allows the piece to heal over, integrating into the surface of the body, in a significantly shorter time frame. Provided through healing hands, handpoke imprinting offers an additional sense of comfort & safety, rather than the presence of jarring mechanical vibrations emitting from a mechanical method. Physical touch is a way in which many feel comforted, but is sometimes exploited in this day & age. Through conscious consent & compassionate care, the Hand delivers a reassuring & affirming balance point of support.

The Thought


We consider not only the physical aspect of applying body ornaments, but the psychological, social, emotional, & spiritual influences. With the intent to make our bodies a temple that feels personalized & beautiful, conscious imprinting allows us to willingly put ourselves in a position where we choose to embrace pain. From this process, there is not only a literal physical imprint, but a residual psychological mark left from the given experience. An Imprint, if you will. This multidimensional milestone is a rewording process as the result of chemicals released in the brain. Endorphins & adrenaline emit, causing a natural shift of consciousness. As a positive consequence, this then becomes associated with the act of vulnerability, when trusting the artist. This is especially healing for survivors of abuse, mental affliction, & trauma, manifesting as a permanently empowering adornment.

The Process


In the light of authenticity, we work together - client to practiconer - to deliver your personal imprint experience. Imprint Art is a two-way street, an exciting collaboration! We aim to create the most potent sense of trust, love, & openness for the process itself, allowing art-bearers to ease into introspection. Ensuring that the experiential component of receiving permanent medicine is pure, allows for us to explore ourselves internally; an opportunity to make space within. This process enables us to seamlessly merge with the art choose to adorn ourselves with. Based on the idea that the body & mind operate in a divine trifecta with our spirit, tattooing leads us to a gateway for greater frontiers of self exploration, expression, and reference. 

The Journey

Redefining self expression . . .


As Sacred Pokes, we believe that skin speaks for our souls.

Handpoking, a practice held dearly to the hearts of ancient cultures & indigenous groups for thousands of years, provides a method to do just that for folks of all lifestyles. The precision & heightened awareness introduced by the manual medium implies further reading into an individual, the result being an integrative intuitive piece. This takes the artistic & idiosyncratic value to a whole new level, for those of us who wish to adorn ourselves with the story of our healing.

reviving manual imprinting . . .


. . . the road to healing.


As Reiki, acupuncture, & EFT healing modalities serve as means to re-align the body's meridians of life force energy, handpoking also harnesses this capability. Setting an intention through the session, as well as allowing oneself to be receptive to the application, meditation, & awareness, are key components in the Process. The addition of a steady & present artist guide help establish a safe & transformational experience of transcendent actualization. We have found that manual imprints can create such an intimate impression on someone, that they can catalyze great growth for those who have suffered mental, emotional, & even physical trauma. With a less abrasive form of application, meditation & breathwork are also much more accessible tools to enhance the experience.