+ I N K With a Cause +

Sacred Pokes aims to be sustainably supportive as possible, for both our patients + the products which support this practice. Contributing in a variety of ways, the goal is to spread as all-encompassing a change as possible. Wholeheartedly, we believe that conscious body ornamentation can create an incredibly impactful evolution for our world.

Our project, Ink With a Cause, has multiple avenues where we use our resources for the betterment of those around us. 

Sustainable Sessions

Firstly, 5% of each complete ceremony session with Sacred Pokes goes to Ink With a Cause, stocking us with eco-safe products for body ornamentation. This process usually produces unnecessary amounts of unhealthy waste, polluting the environment + engaging with systems that destroy our Earth. Ink With a Cause sees to it that otherwise environmentally harmful supplies, instead derive from sustainable sources.

Examples of our choices for providers are those who: can supply us with paperless or recycled disposable towels, disposable nitrile gloves that are biodegradable to be safer for landfills, carbon offset* their shipments, send monetary support of their revenue to communities in need, etc.

Sustainable session IWAC percentages apply only to complete ceremony appointments; this does not include trades, Seasonal Donation Designs, benefit events, + Outreach Sessions.

* (counteracting harmful emissions by funding pollution reduction projects)

Seasonal Design Donations

Another way Ink With a Cause looks ahead to activism, is by donating a percentage of proceeds of select seasonal pre-drawn designs, to higher purposes. Some recipients of these donations include:

  • LifeStraws + portable solar power being directly delivered to those without water or electricity in Puerto Rico
  • The KIND Project (Kids in Need of Defense)
  • The Florence Project 

...among more to come! Please email to see why pieces are available for seasonal IWAC donation. Donation sizes vary for each initiative + will be specified for the particular session.

Outreach Sessions

These specified, lower-cost appointments are available for those who need sliding scale accommodation. Think of it like a partial scholarship. Please email with the subject line stating “OUTREACH SESSION” to inquire if this applies to you; please be patient as there may be a waitlist.

Eligibility for Outreach Sessions is open for:

• Those whose bloodline is part of the diaspora.

• Abuse survivors, disabled & LGBTIQx folks.

• Full time artists of less than 5 years.

• People who are owed societal reparations due to discrimination, or who have been impoverished.

• The likes of anyone unable to account for a full service rate, due to oppressive circumstance. Please e-mail for further details if you are unsure of your eligibility, we would be happy to discuss with you more.

Flash days often offer Outreach Sessions all day, so stay tuned for flash sheets! You can get a flash design at any time, they’re typically relatively tiny. If you want something custom or pre-drawn, or for a piercing, please email here to apply.

• • • 

The service structure we present allows us to branch out, supporting causes or people that need recognition, uplifting + backing. It also provides us the ability to offer a greener, cleaner process than the average body ornamentation business. For us, this healing work is seen as means to spread that love in a butterfly effect across all we come into contact with.


Sacred Pokes