About Resonance Reiki


Energy Healing & Vibrational Therapy in One

Reiki is an alternative medicine that was re-introduced to initiatory healing teachings by Mikao Usui in Japan. It is a completely natural, harmless force of LIFE that contributes to all-around wellbeing, administered by a light touch or the hovering of hands over a patient. This modality is gentle, relaxing, & supportive on all levels.

Resonance Reiki is the addition of vibrational therapy, & quantum understanding to general Reiki practices.

Carrying on the Lineage

Traditional Usui Reiki was initially formulated by Usui Sensei - a diplomat, researcher, samurai, & healer hailing from the Gifu Prefecture. After immense commitment to spiritual growth, he was given a vision of specific symbols he had studies in Sanskrit & Japanese Sutras. He then began to understand that there is a powerful presence of energy behind each of these symbols, working as an activator for Primordial Universal Consciousness.

Our practice is strongly rooted in foundations from Traditional Usui Reiki & credit Sensei Usui with creating structures for us to understand this healing process by. Many variations of Reiki as we know it exist around the world, carrying the torch, each in their own right.

Evolving for Further Healing

Vibrational Therapy, or sound healing, is the utilization of various tuning forks to realign both the physical & etheric bodies. These tools concentrate on the frequencies we bear, which Quantum Physics contends, & the capacity to bring them into a state of balance. Tuning forks can be used for clinical diagnosis, locating skeletal fractures, tuning instruments, & of course, in alternative medicine.

Learn More or Get Certified

The founder of Sacred Pokes, Eeden T. Shale, offers individual or group Resonance Reiki healings, along with courses to become certified in this incredibly uplifting wellspring.

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