Ritual Education

A massive aspect of our mission is establishing further education about how body art impacts us in body, mind, spirit, culture + creative healing. We invite you to explore, hopefully you’ll learn something new! Find opportunities for workshops, more about our practice, + free content at the blog, below.
xx, Sacred Pokes


Here to share the love, this is where you can find entries of experiences & ideas that support the Healing Arts mission. Let's talk about what makes Imprint Artistry so profound.

Extended Learning + Resources

Our Founder’s Work


Sacred Pokes was created by Eeden Shale in 2016. She also holds a practice independent of body modification which integrates visual art as a whole with alternative medicine, spreads awareness on sexual assault recovery, + eclectic spirituality. This actualizes as a plethora of artistries, various methods of guidance, quantum healing + more.

Healing Arts for All


Created as a growing free resource library on esoterica, DIY community building + trauma recovery, Healing Arts for All gives everyone the means to access insight on personal empowerment.



Enjoy more extensive education, meditations, energy healing pools + more on Prophecy Canvas’ Patreon. By supporting our founding artist-practitioner + also choosing this support system built to uplift your journey, you participate in the expansion of Sacred Pokes as well as a far broader collective! Access to monthly distance energy healing groups start at $5.