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Please apply for a session by emailing us below. 

Upon doing so, please place a $80 deposit for an appointment, so studio time may be saved for you. There is also the option to first begin your Imprinting journey with a Consultation. All deposits are non-refundable, for any questions please see our Policies

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Tell us about you!

It’s a delight to provide this transformative method of healing, accustomed to the unique identity of every person who chooses it. You will be asked to complete an intake form after booking your appointment, so we can get to know you and what you seek. This isn’t any regular piece of ink!

We are open to providing any feasible accommodations, determined through intake to be beneficial for a patient’s highest good.

Showing up for self love . . .

Imprinting can be a radical act of self expression and catharsis. You are opening yourself to trust our artist-practicioners, which we take with the utmost gratitude and sincerity. The process may be emotional or heavy, but is an effective method of being present with unintegrated or shaded aspects of ourselves which need our attention. Carl Jung called this aspect of self, the Shadow. Essentially, this is us Holding Space for you to heal yourself through presence with this area of consciousnes. Your artist-practitioner is here for you, and with you, as a built-in support system. They may offer you breathing techniques or guidance through the ceremony. Please come to us understanding that this is a medium of medicine, with an open heart and mind.

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Don’t forget to . . .

• Leave your name + number. 

• Have looked over our policies.

• Submit a deposit to PayPal ( or Venmo (@sacredpokes) upon requesting an appointment, so space for your studio time can be saved.

• Give a brief synopsis of the design and/or experience you are envisioning. 

• Send us a few dates (see hours below) you would ideally be available for an appointment.

• Specify if seeking a travel or studio session.

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