Reclaiming body ornamentation as Sacred

Reclaiming body ornamentation as Sacred

Reclaiming body ornamentation as SacredReclaiming body ornamentation as Sacred

Welcome to a world where handpoke tattooing - what we call Imprint Art - can become a radical act of self expression + catharsis. 

Our values are built on a foundation of empowering your emergence, when exploring under-the-surface aspects of consciousness. Your artist-practitioner is here for you + with you, as a built-in support system while receiving a piece. They may offer breathing techniques or guidance through a session. Please come to us understanding that this is a medium of medicine, with a receptive heart + mind.

We specialize in varying forms of pointillism or stippling, geometry, sigil work, botanicals, + light language for tattoo imprints. All ink work is handpoked. Sacred Pokes also offers piercing by request.

About Sacred Pokes

Trauma Sensitive


When you are opening yourself to trust our artist-practicioners, we hold space with great gratitude + gentleness. An intensive session may be emotional or heavy, but is an effective method of being present with unintegrated or disregarded aspects of ourselves, which need our attention to heal. Carl Jung called this aspect of the psyche the Shadow, we call it the Shaded Self, + believe that imprinting has a sincerely profound influence on recovery processes.

Connecting to the O


For thousands of years, manual (machine-free) tattooing has represented personal totems, trials, + rites of passage for human history. Our mission as Sacred Pokes is to honor the honest origins of Imprint Art, in a world where it has all too often become industrialized + colonized. We recognize the growing culture of body decor as an asset to our creative freedom, so it is our belief that manual imprint ornamentation offers a background-inclusive medium.

Ink With a Cause


Some of the ways we maintain a more sustainable practice, include creating opportunities inherent in our business structure with regard to environmental health + socioeconomic progressiveness. In effort to reduce the terrestrial impact of body art, higher-bracket sessions have percentages dedicated to providing us with ethically sourced + eco friendly products. Meanwhile, those marginalized seeking this medicine for trauma resolution may qualify for discounted Outreach Sessions.


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An Ink Imprint in Action

Watch a preview of the manual process - a more gentle, graceful approach to body ornamentation! No electricity, no buzzing, just breathing. This often allows the skin to heal in half the time it otherwise would when modified by machine.