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• W E L C O M E •

Imprinting - what we call tattooing - or piercing, can be a radical act of self expression + catharsis. You are opening yourself to trust our artist-practicioners, which we take with the utmost gratitude and sincerity. An extended process may be emotional or heavy, but is an effective method of being present with unintegrated or shaded aspects of ourselves which need our attention. Carl Jung called this aspect of self, the Shadow. Essentially, our values are how we Hold Space for you to heal yourself, through presence with this aspect of consciousnes. Your artist-practitioner is here for you, + with you, as a built-in support system while receiving a piece. They may offer you breathing techniques or guidance through the ceremony. Please come to us understanding that this is a medium of medicine, with a receptive heart + mind.

We specialize in varying forms of pointillism or stippling, geometry, sigil work, botanicals, + light language for tattoo imprints. All ink work is handpoked. Sacred Pokes also offers piercings at our location in Huntingdon Valley, Ace of Swords Tattoo.

An Ink Imprint in Action

Watch a preview of the process - a more gentle, graceful approach to body ornamentation.

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